Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day one > Mom

It was not easy crawling out of bed this morning after animated late night pillow talk about several more of my dear sweet husband's super fun ideas. Don't get me wrong, I love being married to a guy who is actively trying to teach his children to become adults who are aware and compassionate, I just need a little time (and sleep!) to catch up with him in the enthusiasm department.

As far as day one goes, it has suddenly hit me that in two weeks I may not be drinking coffee for awhile. My children have also become painfully aware that they won't be having timbits at church.

Lack of variety will also be an interesting mental hurtle for everyone. Our conversations before breakfast this morning included some complaining about not having enough to choose from. We have several different kinds of cereal, toast and several spreads, eggs, and fruit. There is definite variety to our cupboards. It is interesting what you can discover about your own attitude when you are paying deliberate attention. We are just getting out of the gate and already realizing how pampered we are.

SO pampered that my dear, sweet husband made me the yummy breakfast you see here.

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