Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 11 > mom

We got an interesting phone call yesterday from an old friend. He, with his lovely wife and two daughters, have been involved in missions to Gambia. He is coming here to Cranbrook for two weeks and wondered if I could get him connected to some fund raising opportunities. I let him know what we have been up to and he is going to have a meal plan ready for us before it is time to switch diets. He warned me that it would probably be very boring and I told him that was kind of the point. So it looks like we have picked our country and our destination for donations! The timing of his phone call couldn't have been better. Coincidence? I think not!

He is going to email me with some more details and the food plan and I will be posting them here. If anyone would like to participate in our little adventure by finding a way to donate, please let me know! Ideas some have come up with are going without Starbucks for two weeks and donating the difference, walking to work and donating the gas money, ect. Think about it! (If anyone wants to go all out with the meal plan, we will be posting recipes too!)

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