Saturday, March 13, 2010

night 3 of hunger - Dad

We are 3 days into our Gambian diet. Sarah and I have been giving ourselves similar food portions as we give our kids. I figure we should take the brunt of the sacrifice, they are having a hard enough time stomaching some of the food as it is.
So it's Saturday night right now, the kids are all asleep, and Sarah is at work. I'm at home alone finishing up the last of the details for my message tomorrow and all I can think about is the icecream in the fridge freezer 8 feet from my couch. Most of the time it's not a problem. I've been snacking on my lunches at work over the course of the day, as long as I'm active and nibbling on something the hunger isn't so bad.
I think the only thing to do is move the icecream to the big freezer downstairs and go to bed. Maybe if it's less convenient it'll be less tempting.....maybe....

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