Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 23

I have to admit, we are eating better than I thought we would be. There are some incredible recipes on this website Steven sent us. We adjust some of them for cost or food availability, but at least one meal a day is very delicious.

However, rice is getting really old. Really, really old. As is rice flour fou fou and tapa lapa bread. I am really looking forward to the Turkey dinner we are planning on having next week.

The kids are getting tired too. They are looking forward to ice cream and a even having a glass of milk. Although it was pretty cool to watch them get excited over an avacado like it's candy. They have also been eating all their food and not complaining about what's in it. My children have eaten onions without complaint this week. This is a big deal. The older ones are even sharing things they've learned about Africa with the younger ones. It's a beautiful thing.

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